Online blackjack is one of the most satisfying online casino games and the feeling of beating the dealer is one that resonates with every gamer on the planet. However, beating the dealer with pure luck is one thing – winning with elements of genuine skill takes things to another level of intrinsic satisfaction and potentially rewards. Even if you’re a casual blackjack gamer playing with hands of 0.10 – you can master basic strategy with a few sessions and revolutionise your fun.

Blackjack strategy basics

The basic way to take on the online blackjack dealer is to play with strategic rules that help you to make statistically favourable hits, splits, stands and double downs on the blackjack table. The simple rules below depict the type of blackjack moves you can make to reduce the house edge:

  • Hit to build hands up to 17+ or soft 18, when the dealer-up is 7 or less – Hit if the dealer’s up card is a 6 or lower and you hold is 12 or higher – Double Down 10 or 11 combos against the dealer’s up 9 or less – Split aces and 8′s

Find a full basic blackjack strategy chart to power-up your gaming sessions and maximise the reduced edge. Once basic strategy can be applied efficiently and used over a decent volume of sessions, the dealer’s advantage can be limited to as low as 1% or less – making it much harder to lose. What’s more, when the cards fall right and the blackjack luck is with you, your winning returns should be significantly elevated.

If you like to play blackjack with daring stakes and periodically ride your luck, then using online blackjack strategy can help you use a riskier approach at the right time – and hopefully make the dealer pay more frequently. Ultimately – it also feels great beating the dealer more often.

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