Online slot machine contests have become serious on the web in the first half of 2009 – and by the looks of it we’re in for a treat during the second half of the year. More and more big profile software developers and casinos are launching deluxe versions of the gaming niche and jackpot plans are in the pipeline. Check out the online slot comp latest……

Cool themed video slot comps

The best slot contests are now being played on the coolest gaming titles – with machines such as Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword offering high adrenalin, multi-player slot action with super themes, sounds and graphics. Slot competitions are fast becoming a new cult niche on the web and the development of games with video game style graphics and themes is making a big contribution to their flourishing popularity among hardcore and casual casino gamers.

Big money jackpot slot contests

We all knew it wouldn’t take long for the popularity of online slot contests to attract big jackpot levels – and software houses like Microgaming are now launching mega contests with very attractive payouts and max rewards. For example, Microgaming have launched their Grand Slam of Slots contest in Summer 09 – complete with weeks of satellite tournaments to win a seat in the 1 million euro finale later in the year.

Awesome value

Now that online slot machine contests have started to offer very meaty jackpots, they really do offer a pretty impressive rival to traditional gaming options. For example, you know your expenses before your play the games, they’re very affordable, offer high-impact entertainment and are ultra-fun. Of course, their fresh, futuristic approach also make slot competitions ideal for the cutting-edge nature of online casino and slot machine gaming – so unless you’re still stuck on classic slots, it’s well worth taking the hot seat.

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